About Me

My name is William (Bill) Back and I’m a member of the OEM Services group at Pentaho.  This means that my job is to make our partners successful in deploying, extending, and customizing Pentaho.

Pentaho is a rather large set of Business Analytics tools, much of which is open source.  Furthermore it exists in a rapidly changing industry where new tools, techniques, and languages are coming and going on a daily basis.

My hope is that through this blog I can explain or bring to light techniques and edge cases that might not be covered in the Pentaho documentation.  Additionally some of what I might cover is experimental.  Important:  nothing I say is “official” and some things may not be supported by Pentaho.

This isn’t a support forum.  Pentaho has many sources of information and support.  I’m trying to share what useful knowledge I can, but don’t have the time or inclination to run a 1-man Pentaho support portal.  Please keep questions relevant to the posts.  Enjoy.

You may notice this blog isn’t getting updated all that frequently.  This is because most of my free time is spent working on Mondrian in Action from Manning Press.  Fortunately the book is making good progress and I’ll hopefully have more time available in the next few months.

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