Mondrian in Action – Early Access Edition Now Available

It’s official!  Mondrian in Action is now available as an Early Access Edition from Manning press.  You can order it on the book’s manning page and the first three chapters are available.  I can tell you that about half of the others are really close as well.

So why should you order an early release version of the book?  Here are a few reasons why I think it’s a good idea.
First, if you are new to business analytics, the first three chapters are available and provide a great overview of what Mondrian is and how it can be used.
Second, you don’t have to wait until next spring to get all of the details on Mondrian 4.  You can already download the software from GitHub, so why not get the book that goes with it as it’s written.  There are a number of big changes coming to Mondrian 4 that make is better and different than previous versions.
Finally, and I think most importantly, you will be able to influence the book and make it great.  The authors all know Mondrian, so we naturally think we are doing a great job of explaining it.  But you might disagree and can offer ways to explain it better.  There is an author’s forum that we will be monitoring regularly that allow you to interact with us about the book.  Our ideal is that people will read the book, apply the techniques we describe and give us feedback before the presses start rolling.
In the end Mondrian in Action is only successful if it helps you, the reader.  And we’d really like to get your feedback to make sure that happens.

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